Infraneo Junior

Infrared analyzer for whole grains and powdery products

 Applications :

Optimise your investments and equip your sites according to your volume of analyses.
Choose a quick and reliable control adapted to the needs of your business.

Principle :

Near-infrared analyser specifically developed to provide simple, reliable and economic solution for milling and baking industries. Infraneo Junior uses the same Near-infrared technology as Infrano.

Infraneo junior :


Dry and tempered wheats (moisture, hardness).
All flours including mill stream flours (moisture, protein, ash content…).
Bran and middlings (Starch, cellulose…).
Other pulverulent products…


Robustness of the device and consistency of the results thanks to the SAM (Self Adjustment Monochromator) system
wich automatically limits the adjustment of bias of the monochromator.


In less than 25 seconds, obtain the quality of your flours and other powders.


Correctness and homogeneity of the results thanks to an excellent transferability of the calibrations between
Infraneo.These calibrations are maintained and updated to guarantee accurate and reliable results.


Selecting the type of grain to be tested via a dropdown menu. Easy export and data management with Excel


Unique Neocup for the analysis of any type of pulverulent, whatever their size grading. This new filling system allows a gain of more than 40 % of the time of preparation while eliminating the influence of the operator on the results.


More than 10 000 stored analyses. Data search by increasing / decreasing order allowing to find an analysis for a permanent follow-up.

Reduced maintenance

Easy change of the lamp by the operator.

Remote maintenance enabling the CHOPIN Technologies technicians to remotely query and resolve problems on your device on your demand.


Thanks to an adapted “nacelle” system, Infraneo Junior is also able to analyse each type of whole grains.