Product Overview

Measure Tenacity, Extensibility, Elasticity, & Baking Strength of Dough

The CHOPIN Technologies AlveoPC is a benchtop analyzer for technicians that only conduct standard Alveograph tests at constant hydration and work in a laboratory where temperature and humidity are perfectly controlled. The AlveoPC is a simplified version of the Alveolab® and meets international standards for use in analyzing key parameters of dough.


  • Easy to use – simple, modern and intuitive interface
  • Standardized analysis – meets AACC 54-30, ICC 121, NF EN-ISO 27971, and GOST 51415-99 standards
  • Measures the main rheological properties – tenacity, extensibility,elasticity, and baking strength


  • Monitor incoming wheat or flour to ensure you are starting with high-quality ingredients
  • Improve efficiency by conducting multiple tests throughout the day
  • Understand dough behavior for testing new recipes and controlling additives
  • Measure and adapt flour according to specifications
  • Understand dough behavior to provide consistent products for your brand
  • Use proven, industry-standard analysis for your testing procedures