EM10 oven

Measure, with the reference method, the moisture content of all type of cereal products


Determine the moisture content with the reference method.
Build a calibration or check the accuracy of moisture meters and NIR by using the reference method.


Natural desiccation of the sample submitted to oven temperature. A natural airflow is created inside the oven: suction through the air admission doors and release through the outlets. A ventilator is not necessary. The EM10 has 10 compartments accommodating up to 20 sample cups.

Compliant with:

EM10 complies with the following standards : AACC 44-20.01 – AACC 44-15.02 – FT WG 0008 – NF ISO 712 – GOST 940488 – GOST 13586.593 – NF V03 707 – NF V03 708 – IRAM 15850-1 – ISO 24557 : 2009 – ICC 110/1 for the reference moisture measurement

EM10 oven


On this one appliance, you are able to perform the analysis of all types of product.


By virtue of its 10 compartments, capable of accommodating 20 nacelles, the capacity of the oven is adjustable to suit your needs.