The Gestar system, a unique, complete and fully automated solution for your on-receipt inspection system, includes all the stages necessary to achieve all the quality parameters of your grain.

  • Taking of representative samples for performing analyses concerning the quality of grain and powder or meal products.
  • Guarantee of an accurate and reliable transaction base.
  • Classification of the products according to their final use.

The advantages of the Gestar system

Security and simplicity

By means of close control over the appliances (selection of the calibrations), the collection and the recording of your results by the dedicated software are performed automatically.

Tracing the results

This improvement in the quality of your monitoring is rendered possible by standardisation of the checks.

Saving of time and money

The reduction in the necessary manpower to the strictest minimum as well as the reductions in the handling errors gives you a guarantee of reliable results that are achieved in a record time.


Fully adaptable to your needs, the Gestar system is perfectly compatible with your existing installations.