Product Overview

Grind 800g of Grain in 1 Minute

Preparing test samples for the Hagberg falling number test, near-infrared analysis, or a Mixolab analysis involves making sure the grain has been processed into a fine, homogeneous flour. The Grinder-CHOPIN instrument provides a quick way to produce test samples for further analysis.


  • Built-in safety features for the protection of operators
  • High grinding capacity – 300 g/min & 800 g capacity
  • Low emission of dust due to the sealed chamber and the use of a nylon bag
  • Produces fine, homogeneous samples, improving the repeatability and accuracy of test results
  • Simple and robust design provides excellent longevity and very low cost of operation


  • Spend less time waiting – samples are ready in about 1 minute
  • Remove the need for multiple devices, the Grinder can be used for all types of grains
  • Less clean-up with sealed, controlled operations