Rheo F4

Unique solution to analyze in one single test the dough proofing properties.

 Applications :

Optimize proofing time and determine the best time for products to be placed in the oven
Select and monitor yeast activity
Evaluate the impact of additives (amylase, vital gluten, etc.) on your recipes
Analyze the proofing properties of frozen dough, the impact of salt reduction on proofing and on the volume of finished products
Analyze the properties of gluten free recipes
Etc…Many more applications in the Rheo F4 Applications Handbook (available in 2014)

Principle :

The volume of finished products depends both on the quantity of CO2 produced by the yeast and the dough’s gas retention properties.
The Rheo F4 produces a complete analysis of the dough proofing capacities by measuring CO2 production, volume, permeability and dough tolerance during proofing.