Kvalitets og driftssikkert salttågekammer fra Ineltec.

Salttågekammeret er designet til at blive installeret i områder/lokaler, hvor det konstant udsættes for en hvis mængde salttåge. Touchscreen, remote connection og en indbygget software er med til at sikre maksimal udnyttelse af kammeret.

Fås i følgende størrelser:

400 volumen liter     1000 volumen liter    2000 volumen liter     Ambient: +50`C

Teknisk beskrivelse:

Electrical: 220 V + GN

Water network: Through an intake fastened with clamp and automatic powering  electronic level and solenoid

Pneumatic: Air, 3 – 7 bar    Flow: 20L/min

Installation demands: The chamber need to be installed in a room well-conditioned, from the chamber there is a pressure tap of 1’’ diameter that must to be connected outside of the lab, since it is air + salt.

Saline consumption: 1l/hour

Humidifier tank: made of polypropylene

Base of the equipment: 6 adjustable in height legs

Accessories: 6 bars for suspended the test samples

Manometer: analog display of air pressure from 0 – 4 kg

Cover: Opening and closing the cover by two pneumatic cylinders

Types of alarms: *humidifier water level “maximum” and “minimum” Safety maximum temperature.

Acoustic signal has been mounted on, as an extra part.

Temperature sensors: Pt-100 For control the chamber and boiler Temp.

Mounting parts: to be used to either hang, lay or standing of customer parts during the test.

Dimension in mm:

Interior: height                       931              Width 1584   Depth  684

Exterior: height 1650           Width 2125    824

Control equipment, to be supplied by the customer:

The client must have a Portable P.H. measure equipment for deposition monitoring.

The client must have several rain gauge / pluviometer for verification of deposition or collection according to the standard once a year.

Standarder: ASTM1735     ASTMB117     DIN50021     AFNOR X 41002     MIL-STD-292     MIL-STD 810C     ISO9227