Analyze damaged starch in less than 10 minutes

Applications :

Control your flour quality.
Check the settings of your mill (rolls, parallelism, wear).

Baking industries
Control the consistency of your flours (hydration rate, proofing, behavior during the process) and the quality of finished products (aspect and taste qualities) and improve dough yield by adjusting the hydration rate of flours.

Principle :

The measuring principle is based on the amperometric method (Medcalf & Gilles). It measures iodine absorption of a diluted flour suspension. The more damaged the starch, the more absorbed iodine.

Compliant with:

The SDmatic complies with the following standards: AFNOR VO3-731.01 – AACC 76-33.01 and ICC N° 172.

The advantages of the SDmatic


Fully automated analysis requiring no complex enzymes.


Complete test in less than 10 min.


The Applications Laboratory can develop specific calibrations according to your needs. Users of different methods can benefit from the advantage of the SDmatic and also keep their current references.