SpectraStar™ XT-R Benchtop NIR

SpectraStar™ XT-R Benchtop NIR

Our Premiere Bench NIR Analyzer. Examine Virtually any Sample Type in About 30 Seconds.

The Unity® Scientific SpectraStar™ XT-R is the premier benchtop near-infrared (NIR) analyzer with the capability to analyze virtually any sample type including solid, slurry, or liquid samples for a wide variety of parameters. It measures common parameters include moisture, protein, and fat, but the SpectraStar XT-R can also measure more difficult parameters like sugars, fibers, ash, lignin, and fatty acids. Features include:

  • A dual detector design and patented data processing algorithms across an extended wavelength coverage for outstanding performance on a wide variety of sample types and applications
  • With a sealed case, as well as a built-in computer with touch screen operation, the SpectraStar™ XT-R is ready for at-line or laboratory applications in the food, agricultural and industrial sectors.
  • Rapid results in under 1 minute facilitates rapid feedback to production managers for optimizing production and reducing waste.

All SpectraStar™ XT analyzers are operated by UScan™, a software package incorporating an intuitive graphical interface and a reliable SQL database for data management. Designed for ease-of-use, routine operators can be completely trained in 15 minutes to deliver accurate, operator-independent results.

TheSpectraStar™ XT patented TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy (TAS) is an easy-to-use technology to precisely align and monitor the instrument calibration to certified optical standards for reliable results over time and across analyzers.